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How to Grow Your Social Media Following



Hollywood, step aside! Though the term “celebrity” was once reserved for actors of the silver screen, there are now many Internet celebrities who have achieved fame solely through social media. If you’re wanting to increase your social media following, it’s much more involved than just signing up for Twitter or Facebook. Together with the Instagram influencer Stefano Pedretti and Co-founder of Ready2Social and IG Strategy, we have prepared several tips that will help you attract followers and lead you in the right direction toward social media fame.

Identify Your Unique Selling Point

Your unique selling point is what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. You need to think of yourself as a brand if you want to attract followers. What are some characteristics that are unique to you? Are you a fitness buff? Are you an expert on space or a food connoisseur? Identify your talents and use these as a bass for your social media brand. It will attract like-minded individuals and those who want to learn more about your specialty.

Be Honest and Passionate

Resist the temptation to jump on the latest trend bandwagon. If you’re not genuine about who you are and what you care about, your viewers will quickly realize this and hit unsubscribe faster than someone un-tagging herself in an unflattering Facebook picture. People want to follow others who are sincerely passionate about the content they’re creating, and they can spot a fake a mile away. Choosing something you’re truly enthusiastic about will make the experience more enjoyable for you and encourage a positive reception from your audience

Submit Worthwhile Content

Social media followers subscribe because they’re interested in whatever is being offered, whether it’s pictures of cute cats or a daily workout routine. It’s your job to make your content high quality. If your social media is based on badly drawl comics, make them the best badly drawn comics you can. If you post cooking videos on YouTube, be as engaging and informative as possible. With your social media, you’re inviting followers into a part of your life, so make sure the experience is worthwhile for them. Otherwise, they’ll spend their time elsewhere.

Have Regular Updates

Once you’ve done the hard work of attracting followers, you might think you can relax, but it takes just as much effort to keep followers as it does to acquire them. Now that you have people checking out your blog, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you have to keep them interested with regular updates. If you don’t have time to work on your social media every day, take one day a week to work on new material and then schedule the content to be automatically posted every few days. Many people start off with great enthusiasm but then get distracted and stop posting. The Internet is fickle, and if you’re not consistently offering something new, your page will quickly be forgotten.

Interact with Followers

It’s essential to interact with your followers and make them feel important. It’s similar to a celebrity signing autographs. When people take the time to support you doing what you love, they deserve recognition. This can be done by acknowledging a viewer who always makes comments on yc videos, holding a prize drawing for people who have liked and shared your blog, re-tweeting a fan’s message, or responding to someone’s note on Tumblr. When you engage with your followers, they’ll feel valued and appreciated.
While these techniques will help you grow your social media following, the process will still take a great amount of determination, innovation, time, and hard work. Becoming a social media mogul doesn’t happen overnight, but using these tips will set you on the path to success and help you find loyal followers to support your journey.

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Adam White is a digital marketing expert and an entrepreneur with over 8 years of direct experience with social media marketing. Adam has worked as a marketing executive for fortune 500 companies before sharing his experience with us. He has written numerous articles on social media marketing and led international conferences and seminars on this subject.

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